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Building Power from Below

We are a volunteer network of workers, students, activists, and tenants organizing for direct tenant control in Chicago’s northside neighborhoods.

About Us

Our Vision

All people deserve stable and dignified homes. Under the current system, however, fear and precarity are the norm. By working with tenants to build their own associations and councils, we can break the landlords’ grip on our neighborhoods while laying the groundwork for real community control – from below and to the left.

Our Work

Connecting struggles

We link students, workers, and neighbors to the resurgent Tenants Movement, providing resources on housing rights as well as training in community organizing and activism.

Developing leaders

At the center of our work is the belief in the power of everyday people to manage their own struggles for justice and dignity. We are committed to developing grassroots leaders from frontline communities.

Building power

By establishing new tenant organizations run by and for working and oppressed people, we aim to put the future of the northside in the hands of community members.

Get Involved

Whether you’re a tenant looking for solidarity, or a neighbor looking to plug in – we want to work with you. Get in touch with one of our organizers: